Design Tools

At BR Graphic Design, we strive to create custom, professional designs that are affordable. One of the ways we minimize our overhead costs is to utilize open source software whenever possible. Open source software is publicly published, therefore enabling anyone to copy, modify and redistribute the source code without paying royalties or fees. The result is that we are able to fill our computer with modern, up-to-date software and operating systems without having the added expense of costly software licenses.

Below is a sampling of the programs we utilize:

Logos of the programs we use

** – denotes open source

GFS Marketplace (Southeast Ohio) - Logo Development

For customer GFS Marketplace (Southeast Ohio)

The GFS Marketplace Southeast Ohio logo was designed to visually display the branch's byline of "Soar for More."A soaring eagle faces to the right, suggesting a forward motion, across the State of Ohio. The red, white, and blue theme was used to symbolize the freedom and patriotism that the bald eagle represents. The displayed verbiage emphasizes the strategic goals of the branch.