Oberer.com Website

For customer Oberer

The main landing page of Oberer Co. This page acts as a landing point for Oberer's other sites. We'd like to point out that we did not create this design. However, we've assisted Oberer with updates to the site over the years and can help you with your existing properties too!

Salon Dimitri Website

For customer Salon Dimitri

Salon Dimitri has a wonderful open studio - but you couldn't tell that by their website. Together, we built a responsive website focused on showcasing their studio.

Preble Senior Center Web Design

For customer Preble County Council on Aging

This was a referral from one of our lovely clients, Full Circle Bodyworks. PCCOA wanted to do a very senior friendly website that would highlight their various services. After looking around a long time, we realized there were almost nothing on web design for seniors (many on visual impairments, but for senior-specific concerns, there was practically nil). Therefore, look to the blog over the next few weeks (or when I get a free chance) to see some of the things we learned building this site.

Dayton Defense Educational Foundation - Logo Development

For customer Dayton Defense Educational Foundation

The Dayton Defense Educational Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charity formed to provide and promote educational opportunities for individuals and the general public on topics relating to the Dayton, Ohio, area’s Defense Sector including science, mathematics, engineering, technology, and medical health topics, and other activities consistent with these purposes. All contributions are Tax Deductible.
DDEF wanted a website that allowed them to highlight their programs and resultant success stories. The site is built on top of Drupal.

Whipped - Logo Development

For customer Whipped

The Whipped logo was designed to visually describe a fun, young confectionery company. The custom icing graphic turns the "W" into the base of a cupcake, which will be the primary product of the company. Varying shades of blues and pinks, along with a script font, were used to further accentuate the fun, light feel that the client wished to convey.