A corporate identity, or “company persona” is one of the most important aspects of marketing a business. By branding or using trademarks, a company’s corporate identity can be visually manifested for lasting public recognition. At BR Graphic Design, we take the time to really get to know your business, competition, and business objectives. We use that information to build a lasting identity, which makes your company more distinguishable and appealing to your target audience.

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Full Circle Bodyworks - Logo Development

For customer Full Circle Bodyworks

Full Circle Bodyworks is a company that caters to bodywork professionals, so it was natural to design a logo that incorporated the human body. The finished logo incorporates an energetic human figure surrounded by a color scheme that displays a subtle yin/yang symbol to embody the feeling of peace and balance. When choosing a logo color, green was used to further the feeling of tranquility and relaxation.

Whipped - Logo Development

For customer Whipped

The Whipped logo was designed to visually describe a fun, young confectionery company. The custom icing graphic turns the "W" into the base of a cupcake, which will be the primary product of the company. Varying shades of blues and pinks, along with a script font, were used to further accentuate the fun, light feel that the client wished to convey.

GFS Marketplace (Southwest Ohio) - Logo Development

For customer GFS Marketplace (Southwest Ohio)

The GFS Marketplace Ohio Southwest logo was specifically designed as a coat of arms to embody specific traits of the State of Ohio. The Cincinnati skyline represents southwest Ohio and incorporates the Wright Flyer for the Dayton area. The buckeye and wheat graphics were inspired by Ohio exports while the displayed verbiage emphasizes the strategic goals of the branch.

Dayton Defense Educational Foundation - Logo Development

For customer Dayton Defense Educational Foundation

Five easily-recognizable icons form the basis of the logo for the Dayton Defense Educational Foundation, an organization focused on advancing STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medical). A clean, serif font was used along with the 'Dayton Defense' words in a blue font to associate their organization with the Dayton Area Defense Contractors Association.

Advocates 4 Animals, Inc. - Logo Development

For customer Advocates 4 Animals, Inc

The Advocates 4 Animals logo was designed to specifically pay tribute to Princess, the first feline that was rescued by the organization. Princess represents the animals that Advocates 4 Animals strives to protect. The words "Rescue. Rehabilitate. Reform" were added to list the three specific goals of this organization.

GFS Marketplace (Southeast Ohio) - Logo Development

For customer GFS Marketplace (Southeast Ohio)

The GFS Marketplace Southeast Ohio logo was designed to visually display the branch's byline of "Soar for More."A soaring eagle faces to the right, suggesting a forward motion, across the State of Ohio. The red, white, and blue theme was used to symbolize the freedom and patriotism that the bald eagle represents. The displayed verbiage emphasizes the strategic goals of the branch.